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euglobuhn. It is dispersed by small quantities of dilute acid or alkali and

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of the germicide with the infected tissue can be accomplished our expe-

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outside of cells. As to reproducibility, reliability

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has had a wide experience in rectal diseases and has set forth his

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all advantages of dual practice with vacation periods and

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To overcome these difficulties we have designed a clamp which

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and juries, and the insane have been duly hung as an example

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The clinical part of Urner's research was directed first to the

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mined, of any local or general disease, but apparently due to

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to remain for a couple of days, and then to rise again. The secondary

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of his services in that capacity. At the outbreak of

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The paper was discussed by Drs. George H. Stover, Percy

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neuros^'philis. On the contrary, we have many records of patients

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Patient feels so much better, that he is anxious to leave the hospital to resume his

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thii'd paroxysm about three days. The duration of the disease averages

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familiar conversation are now no more. To nual general meeting of the members of the

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one of the clinical assistants in the Hospital of the Jefferson College. — Mrs.

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tion, Sir,' said Coleridge, opening upon his inquirer

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flata, in large and oft repeated doses, from three to four times the

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*Obtained number of marks qualifying for scholarship.

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5. It saves the wastage frequently caused by changes of

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Dr. Beausoleil made a few remarks upon the importance of

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to the wall of the vein. In primary phlebitis this is from the first

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The first case referred to above, answers affirmatively the question

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Stygian marsh of ancient metaphysical medicine. That Hahne-

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ful and by absorption act as when taken internally.

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an oil lamp held in the trembling hand of a terrified mother ;


Violencia en el aula por la no comprensión de la orientación sexual y la identidad de género
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