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time after. Moreover, a large proportion of them were first attacked

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the possibility of its having been derived from the vicinity ;

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the colon is one of the most common causes of obstruction, and

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ternal to the albuginea of the coi-pus caveraosum are seen a large number of veins, c, c, c,

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the fourth and seventh days, most generally on the fifth; by a

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came along, introducing Allen's Lung Balsam into New

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must Tisit at least once in a fc»rtni;?ht, and must be no near relati^ of

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hypertrophy or otherwise, or whether it has passed on to

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stomach, are all that is demanded at the onset. If the cough becomes

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with the greatest precision. It is worthy of comment that the majority

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tion.— London Practitioner. ing results. As soon as her stomach would retain

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I therefore do not feel justified in making this attempt.

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a very slightly reddish appearance. For the next hour and

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the same growth, which in one situation would be homologoiis, would in

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of New York read this paper. He said that the prog-

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had the heads of his subjects noted down in very fine hand, on the smallest

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Histor/i. — His mother stated that she lives at Rose Hall, Templeogue,

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less perfectly in the green of chloride of copper, It would, therefore,

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alkaloid which had heen first detected by the smell was proved to be present.

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pitulation, I should like to divide laryngeal tubercu-

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the surrounding skin, from which it was distinguished only by

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menstruum, when the soluble portion, or percolate, flows

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of twenty-four hour collections normal. Blood : reds, 4,500,000; hemoglobin,

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No fault can be found with the work as a student's text-book of

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Extirpation of the Lacrimal Sac for Dacryocystitis :

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asylum at Hendela, near Colombo, which is believed to be one of

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775 ; xviii, 775. Philadelphia : Lea Bros. & Co., 1892.

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from fixation of the thorax alone, the muscles of the larynx being free.

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flagellates provided the infection was limited to the

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of course, be based on other points than those relating to the color of the

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ing. Examination of the vomited matters demonstrated

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tears do not flow uniformly, and the conjunctiva becomes injected, dry, and

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lic health personnel in the home area are invited to

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and against the calling of the committee by the name "Liberal-

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disease of the lungs ? You know, I say that pleurisy

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integument in general. Ulcers and fungating growths develop in their

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Nearly all these have been found accompanying renal or


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