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pneumococci as the more severe. In those with a favorable ter-

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the Solayres obliquity are not the subjects of this paper.

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Nuts, etc.: 2 walnuts, 6 hazelnuts, 5 almonds, I thin slice of

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cause, the phosphate is usually in the form of an outer crust around the

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cocci early in the attack, was equally great in the fatal and non-

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Hydrotherapy. — Hot and cold applications are both efficacious, some

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in several cases with vetch legumin, but only doubtfully with pea

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and fresh liver animals died spontaneously two and eight days earlier than the control.

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But matters are greatly changed when we are able to obtain the

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exist such an immune or refractory condition to a vegetable protein

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disappeared on the sufferers becoming total abstainers. This affec-

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in the position of the women during labour in various countries.

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week. The total number of baths in any one treatment may be 15-20,

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solution, atoxyl, or mineral waters containing arsenic (Guber, Levico,

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for he agreed with I)r Murray, that dilution with atmospheric air

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It is sometimes better to give arsenic at the same time (see p. 193).

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treated individually. As will appear from this statement, the author

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by means of the splint, rod, and plaster-of-Paris apparatus.

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ing, the untoward symptoms subsided, and his arm is nearly well.

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or marshy ground, in an open country, upon porous and dry soil,

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very fat to develop acidosis, and so, too, patients about to undergo surgical

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I. Original Extract II, after prolonged centrifugation to remove all sediment,

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absolutely constant has been repeatedly proven both by the author

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of the subject), by which these principles may be most advan-

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Damp. — Lake of Garda, Arco, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Goritz,

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influence on the supply of toxin, while in diphtheria the administra-

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requires constant change by ventilation. The larger the wards,

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The first distinct notice of her true condition was in March 1866,

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divide all cases of diabetes mellitus into three classes; i.e., the light, the

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times are required, but I must confess to having little confidence in

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yet were exposed to various risks from their own violence, as well

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observations were not carried further. Needless to say, no phago-

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bad, Tarasp, etc.), common salt (Homburg), and bitter waters). Or

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cause, the phosphate is usually in the form of an outer crust around the

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at Mid-Calder. It is singular how so strong a statement was per-

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mococcidal action, the pneumococcidal action of pneumonic or

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criminals, we have these peculiarities and weaknesses very notable


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