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rating ; flying ofif ^ disposed to pass on by spon-

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marked exophthalmus, and extreme rapid action of the

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tuberculose de I'iris et du corps ciliaire. Gaz. bebd. d. sc.

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exercise, which involves an extra demand, caimot be taken without the

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influence of stabling and vitiated air. The animals

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and particularly at the mouths and along the banks of the dif-

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solution of nitrate of silver is added to it ; the silver solution should

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hope and reliance must always be placed. It is doubt-

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or other firearm. Sight-saving groups were particularly

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after the rotation has stopped. Turning to the right, with the head

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the cerebellum; while at the same time he maintains, " that

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(N. I.) K voprosu o llecheuii prostikh pereloniov mas-

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together it fulfills all the indications, and will be found an

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of the tubes and ovaries have been touched. Each side of the uterus

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when the process of assimilation should be quickened, but is

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essary to put any medicinal substance on fresh wounds to make them

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causes of mental or bodily disturbance guarded against, and a generous unirri-

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animal, is said to be cyclo-neurose, while the author of the trea-

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useless in medicine. (Fig. 7.) The time required for the recovery of

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no cancer. If the disease were hereditary the whole

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collapse, pallet, feeble and rapid pulse, severe cramp-like pain not

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Upon removing the dressing for the second time a few

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She attempted to rise to the floor and fainted. Her pulse

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5. Eberth in the heart and in the foetal membranes and

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short, sharp, and catchy, and at the end, or rather

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decomposition products is small, while the nitrogen present as coagulable pro-

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some late operations, suggested some comments on the subject from a

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vide safe as well as effective sedation in many patients

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to exert a favorable influence on the disease. The paiif, in considerable

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Douglas were often attributed to James, but, in so far as can be


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