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full of infection, and, if clothes are soiled, they retain the infec-

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tious, or toxic cause. The assumption is possible, but not unavoidable. Per-

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New York State and County Medical societies. He also belongs to

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of the bone hit by the bullet [direct fracture), sometimes it


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the nature of the disease was not immediately recognized ; and,

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The reasons which induced Dietl to make this trial of treat-

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not suffice to represent the whole historical case. The following

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upon hydrocele, giving the history of five cases successfully

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contained casts. Of what did he die ? With considerable con-

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we have before pointed out, it changes many of the splinters

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sufficient for one man; but Dr. Bermingham, although at that time

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ing the quantity of sugar and casein present in milk. He fur-

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New York State Medical Society (president, 1852) ; the American

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arises autogenetically later than the myeloid. It occurs, first of all, prin-

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i8ai) after Ephraim McDowell. His operation was also as

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he was under able preceptors, and in 1886 graduated, thus winning

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Attending Surgeon to the New York Hospital in 1889.

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sciences, and trying in all ways to be as helpful and unselfish as is

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old ; to scrofulous children, peevish and whining (chamomilla),

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ventilation. Dinner was had at the Bay State House.

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of the general morphology of the blood is absolutely necessary. To be sure,

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over the merits of the new " Cyclopaedia," is abundantly evi-

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A few desultory symptoms not peculiar to all provers, nor

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Dr. Felix R. McManus died on the 3d of March, at five a.m., in the seventy-

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He has now a large surgical practice, and as a gynajcol-

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varied from 100 to 140, and temperature from 99 to 104 .

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York Infirmary continuously since her graduation ; for

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bodies is not so grave as one might suppose. The consecu-

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young, active, and energetic in years and heart as well. His com-

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have been supplied ad nauseam to the prying public : and it is

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II. Preliminary Remarks on the Localization and Topical Diagnosis (Seg-

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Ventilated rooms, repose but not solitude, warm salt-water bath-

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epiphysis, one of the epiphysis and diaphysis, and one of the

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meeting were read, and, with the report of the treasurer for past

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treatment. I suggested to the surgeon that the phimosis might

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of theory and experience, of books and practice, of lec-

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ductive Organs " would form, in separate publication, a worthy


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