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the subjacent tissue probably do not occur. The inflam-

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their physicians for diagnostic examination because

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Hemorrhage from the bowels requires absolute rest and full doses

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pital, which is obtained by dividing the number of days of

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prejudicial to the welfare of the patient. Suffice it to say, that

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tering care of such an advocate. The Pharmacopoeia " is

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to prove that malarial hemoglobinuria was the salivory gland of the mosquito, and it

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be led to suppose that nothing but mercury can cure syphilis — that

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difficult to understand how a series of pathological changes might

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of provident societies was necessary, whether the good

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Established methods of health promotion for the general population are

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zeal, before we can reasonably expect to command the

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paroxysmal and occurring at night. The distress may rapidly

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The final chapter on the internal ear is well expanded to bring it

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mon consent.^ Influenced by the aspect of a majority of its

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tuberculosis, the Roentgen rays will recognize pericardial

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times on both sides, 729 times on the right only, 589 times on the left

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affected ; that is to say, if the lesion is in the lumbar enlargement you

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cine has a much harder work to accomplish from the first. It

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it is intended, shall be long enough to reach well down onto the

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after her confinement, syphilitic symptoms appeared, without any

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Medicine, vol. v., H. C. Wood, p. 353.— Goodhart. "Neurotic Element in Disease," Lancet,

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Etiology. — A pressure of more than two atmospheres is

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liable to occur when there has been sudden and copious loss of blood,

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stimulated in ordinary inspiration by the expansion of

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as recorded in the minutes. Mr. John Reid observed that " we

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tory. After entering the stomach and digestive tract Arsenic

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which they may be packed with cotton, if they require to be

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not palpable. After the middle of July the tongue was clean.

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the gall-bladder, should the duct be incised and the

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whom only 732 died of wounds received in battle, w liich

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says the writer, Dr. Netter has given an outline of the pre-

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disease. His kidneys were said to be sound in 1892,

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was a wound of this vessel in the right upper carotid region, as well

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CMV pneumonitis is compared in the three groups, how-

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