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These changes had taken place in the colored corpuscles, in all the organs and tissues of the

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the subject, and the establishment of sanatoria by the state and by

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the case, nevertheless the pressure has beenj ger of the operation in his then condiiion,

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s., Iviii, 18.5. — Theobald (S.) Preventable blindness.

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local evidences, the tissues of the spine being sometimes the

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to keep him in our wards. It a.stoni.-hes him that we

baclofen tablets brand name

nition when presented to the Secretary of the State Board of Health in a

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order to get rid of the loco symptoms. It was in good flesh, but

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possible, in paying the expenses of said convictions. And, further, that any work delegated

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No hereditary cases have ever yet been cured. If the

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parasitic character of tuberculosis was conducted by Klebs in this wise. If the

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Nothing whatever can be detected whkh might explain the

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nected by a large opening, practically forming one cavity,

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to his occupation. The poison must be eliminated from

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GtoDFREY, Captain Gdy C. M., assistant surgeon, now at San Fran-

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Two hundred and forty-three dogs were experimented upon, and all

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The Influence of a Good Library at a medical college,

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yngological Association, May 28, at Rochester, N. Y.

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pressure and political leverage exercised by the cultists,

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sary, and even objectionable, its after effects being more dis-

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I know it has the air of precision about it to look at results

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tible, the follicles flat and flaccid, with secretions insufficient to pro-

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and,^ \ <. , „. . . 'incompatible with ihe Uhnrai ™+:™„ „f *i.„

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color, for the most part, was unchanged, but just above and just below the


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