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gave correct change. He was then asked to take. out of

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were characteristic of typhus and as there was nothing to account

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common in hospital practice. The symptoms are usually slight and the patient

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I brought about deviations from the original design of the Harveian

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exist in the large intestines by injection as well as by the

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as serious as a broken bone and the animal should be

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and cheap supply the practice of disinterring bodies and of receiving them

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of Paris and published in the Bulletin de PEcole de Aledec inei

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elephant tusks and all. And I know that I shall be amply

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If vaccination is to benefit the general state of health

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ance given by many surgeons that the larger the opening

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tention of the stomach with food may impede the movements of the

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selection in the cells of the convoluted tubules the urea

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forming their daily duties to avoid the transmission of infection

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struments taken in hand the condition of the nose is al

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fect than our knowledge of the organs on which they act. But when

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such a position by evolving a highly ingenious theory and prosecut

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nities of Europe. Statistics are deceptive at their best

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The worm itself is cylindrical tapered off anteriorly to relatively small

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and extending to the Gulf States in. This epidemic was not only

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tion in the ethereal extract is without diagnostic signifi

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forty nine times Alexander s twenty one and ventro

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into the objective condition of the nasal passages nor

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and control men who has the best key to the human heart.

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demic every outbreak teaches us new lessons. We need to

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called hemorrhagic erosions are not rare and many of

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propagation and dissemination. Let them understand that

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ment was not adopted there was improvement although

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distension not rendered rigid by exudations and when

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not typical of the forms usually peculiar to that host. Nor is

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world over are labouring in the field of research. Microbes

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Phoenicisinus i r. Rougeole Fi vre morbilleuse Ger. Maseru Masernkrankheit Kleine

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considered an etiologic factor in causing rickets. The

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member of the pathological force was dispatched to the scene of the

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The attachment was fully half an inch from the corneal border and

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easy slide to knowing all there is in theology law and the

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